Transportation of oversized, heavy, high-value pieces of equipment or goods.

Project cargo is the term used to describe the transportation of oversized, heavy, high-value pieces of equipment or goods that are often critical to the project they are intended for.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to moving project cargo.

Sometimes you need specialized equipment, specific documentation, a lot of planning, strong partnerships and constant communication to get your goods where they need to be.

Work With The Project Cargo Experts:

Some project freight shipments can take months of planning, involve various intermodal means of transportation

and utilize the skills of specialized individuals who have the experience and expertise required to safely move overweight or over-dimensional cargo.

With our decades of experience – including project cargo moves from steel plates and helicopters to oversized airport bridges and ground support machines – we’re confident we can find the right approach to meet your needs.

Netfrate will develop a tailored solution for you and help you navigate the complex requirements needed to move over-dimensional cargo safely.

We’ve got experienced project management professionals and an extensive partner network to ensure that your shipment gets where it needs to be – on time and on budget.

We’ll find out the most effective route for your freight, and collect all of the required documents, ensuring that your cargo has the correct paperwork to meet both transportation and border crossing requirements.

We are with you every step of the way providing you with constant updates.

Netfrate also coordinate with the necessary authorities for special needs, such as: power needing to be cut in order to remove wires that cross streets or rails along the route; ditches needing to be filled or sections of the road widened to allow passage; police escorts; reinforced docks; and more.

Trust Netfrate to ensure the smooth, reliable delivery of your project cargo, regardless of its point of origin or destination – and regardless of its size, weight or shape.

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